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A word from the Chair

Hi all,

I am Elizabeth Harding and I am the new Chair for the WA 4WD Association. I have been involved in 4WD driving and camping with my husband Trevor and my family for over 15 years with the Armadale 4WD Club.

I am very humbled that I have been able to accept this position in the WA 4WD Association. I aim to support all the clubs in the Association through the work of the committee and by ensuring WA is involved with the Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council (ANFWDC) in a responsible and accountable manner. I am open to collaboration with all stakeholders and hope to establish links with similar bodies to the benefit of all our members.

The WA 4WD Associations first objective is to represent and safeguard the interests of the member clubs and this will be in the forefront of all the decisions made during my term of office. I have a passion for safety and I would like to see the Association be a voice to all 4WDrivers and campers about how to travel safely and remain safe when out in our beautiful country.

One Comment on “A word from the Chair

  1. Hello Elizabeth,
    I am after the away points for the gravel road from Mundaring to Jarrahdale, please.
    Kind regards,
    Steven G Taylor

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