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The Western Australian 4WD Association is the Peak body for the four wheel drive clubs in WA.

It discusses issues related to 4Wdriving at its monthly meetings, attended by club delegates.

Monthly meetings are held with the delegate representatives from each four wheel drive club to discuss any highlighted topics in the 4WD community, upcoming association/public events and encouraging clubs to work together in keeping tracks open for future 4WD recreational use. Delegates are encouraged to provide feedback, forward any suggestions / correspondence and vote on behalf of their clubs.

The WA 4WD association also engages with the Department of Parks and Wildlife, Track Care WA and various organisations to maintain / expand areas for recreational use, encourage safe four wheel driving and keep our environment clean. The Association provided consultation and representation on matters such as the WA Adventure Activity Standards for 4W Driving, the Off Road Advisory Committee and The Western Australian Recreational Campers Organization.

If you are interested in forming an association club or already have a club that would like to become a member of the WA 4WD Association, Please contact the Secretary at secretary@wa4wda.com.au for more information.