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The Trak

4WD Touring #Trak

The WA 4WD Association has developed this information section to assist in your travels along the #Trak…we want to ensure your experience is as safe as possible whilst still enjoying a sense of adventure.

First some background info – approx 10 years ago an idea was floated amongst a number of 4wd groups and a Govt department to look at the viability of having a 4wd touring Trak that ran from Perth to Albany….similar to the Munda Biddi and the Bibbulmun tracks.

Preliminary work into the Trak and initial surveys ended when mining expansion took place 12mths later and closed sections of the Darling Range that were within the scope of the proposed track.

In 2016 the WA 4WD Association resurrected the plans and the result is that a TOURING Trak has now been established.

Please fill the form below to request the download links for the waypoints.  Once registered you’ll receive the latest links, and we’ll keep you updated should those ever change (as they often do, due to road closures).